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Mini Devotions For Women

Mini Devotions For Women

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Juggling mealtimes, nap times and work leaves little room for moms to spend in quiet time, but Mini Devotions For Women will change all that.  This little devotional that focuses on the assurance of God's love, will become a little treasure that you won't want to leave behind, so slip it in your purse or diaper bag and take your devotional time on the road. The plain white cover of the paperback devotional is decorated with a single pink watercolored flower. UV varnish and pink foil adds sheen to the flower and outlines the petals. The title is partially foiled in pink. Mini Devotions for WomenThis mini devotional offers 180 short devotions that uplift, refresh and inspire.  A presentation page in the front of the devotional allows you to address the book to a woman and write an encouraging message.  Topics include: Healthy Bodies, The Big Picture, Giving Credit, Being Teach

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